The Best Fit of Facial for you

Our body is our capital, when we are working and living our lives and leading ourselves to something greater it won’t do us any good if by chance you won’t see it to fruition. There is a growing sense of a more healthy body and lifestyle. People are taking a conscious effort into making sure that they are not abusing their body with junk food and poor lifestyle choices.   

Best Fit of Facial

One of the most important and noticeable parts of our body is our face. Your face is the cover of who you are. If you are going to go to an interview or you’ll be meeting new people the skin in your face should be the best version of yourself. There are so many salons offering facials for people who want to pamper their skin. There are all types of facials, Washington has to offer.   

In the following points, we will learn the different types of facial and what is its benefit to you.   

Type 1. The Paraffin Facial   

This is best for skin types that are both dry and oily. The paraffin facial uses a cream that is based in paraffin. This type of facial will leave your skin in your face with the smoothness and softness of that of a baby skin. This type of facial also promotes a clear complexion.   

Type 2. The Gold Facial  

One of the most luxurious type of facial that is available in the market. It uses a cream with gold in it and the amount of gold in the cream varies thus leading to varying results. All skin types can benefit from this type of facial and is best for dull skin types. After you pamper yourself with a gold facial it leaves your skin with a healthy and radiant glow.   

Type 3. The Collagen Facial  

Collagen is a protein that helps promote the skin to be healthier; meaning more supple. This is the type of facial perfect for loose, dull and sagging skin. The renewal of skin cells in the face is perfect for this type of facial as it allows the skin to be rejuvenated and aid in the process of restoring beautiful supple skin.   

Type 4. The Galvanic Facials   

Another luxurious type of facial but very effective in making sure to rejuvenate the dryness or extremely dehydrated skin is the galvanic facial. This facial type helps the skin to retain the moisture in your skin, it also helps the pores to shrink in size, removes the layer of dead skin cells leaving you with a supple and soft skin.   

Type 5. The Acne- Reduction Facial   

This is the type of facial that is perfect for skin that is prone to break-outs. The acne reduction facial helps to lighten acne scars, and get rid of blemishes and stubborn acne. This will benefit the skin that needs deep cleaning so acne will not pop out of anywhere.   

The most important thing for skin is to make sure to drink enough amount of water every day. This will help hydrate your skin and keep it supple and good.   

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